FEBRUARY 27 2011


Clark Responds to Abbott's Stand
on Heritage

A news release last week by Liberal leadership candidate George Abbott announced his intention, as premier, to support the Heritage Legacy Fund and Heritage BC (see Update February 21).  We then asked the other candidates for their response, and received the following from Christie Clark:

“I think George has some very good ideas around heritage conservation. While I'm not able to make promises around funding increases at this time, I do believe we should be supporting Heritage BC and working with local community organizations to preserve, protect and promote our world-renowned historic assets.

Heritage is a key component of my tourism strategy; along with our majestic scenery and world class recreation opportunities, heritage sites such as Barkerville are part of what we market to the world as the B.C. experience. I want to bring together successful commercial players, non-profit and community-based tourist organizations to set up a new market-driven regime that will implement a B.C. Tourism Strategy, which will be supported by government and have predictable funding. We’ll work actively with industry players to promote our province as a destination for both holiday travelers and convention-goers from around the world. This includes working more closely with Ottawa around open skies and improved border services for visitors, eliminating fees in provincial parks to encourage families to explore B.C. parks, and vigorously championing emerging areas in the industry like eco-tourism and aboriginal tourism.

And key (to) this strategy is preserving our historic sites so they will continue to be a source of education and inspiration for future generations.”

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Standards & Guidelines Second Edition
Now Online

The Standards & Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada - this is the go-to document when you are planning for, intervening in and using historic places in your community. 
New sections address sustainability-related interventions, recent heritage, and topics such as cultural landscapes (including heritage districts).

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Surrey to Host 2011 CHC Conference

The Surrey Heritage Advisory Committee has agreed to host the fourth annual Community Heritage Commissions Conference on Saturday, November 26.  We will keep you informed as the program and other details develop.

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