MARCH 16 2011

New Ministry, New Minister for Heritage

The installation of the new provincial cabinet on Monday revealed that heritage is once again in a new ministry, under a new minister.  Steve Thomson is the forth minister responsible for heritage in less than two years.

The provincial Heritage Branch has been moved from tourism to the new Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.  Heritage is within the Natural Resource Operations Division, and is thirty-first in a list of 35 areas of general responsibilities within the ministry, identified as “Archaeology and Heritage Conservation policy and permitting”.

Steve Thomson is the MLA for Kelowna-Mission.  First elected in May, 2009, Mr. Thomson has previously served as Minister of Natural Resource Operations and Minister of Energy, and Minister of Agriculture and Lands.  He is the former executive director of the BC Agriculture Council and has served as General Manager of the BC Fruit Growers Association and the BC Milk Producers Association.  As to his heritage credentials, Mr. Thomson has also served as a director of the Kelowna Museum.

None of the three previous heritage ministers – Margaret MacDiarmid, Kevin Krueger and Bill Bennett – was included in the new cabinet.

The Deputy Minister is Doug Konkin. The Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the heritage file is Peter Walters who has had this responsibility previously and is familiar with the current issues.




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