Congratulations to the 2017 Heritage BC Award Winners!

The 36th Annual Heritage BC Awards Gala will be held on February 15th at Heritage Hall in Vancouver

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Distinguished Service

Shirley Blackstaff

Heritage Conservation

Outstanding Achievement: Cordova Residence, Hazelwood Hotel and Molson's Bank

Mike Pistrin
Daniel St. Gelais
Barry McGinn
Christopher Jackson
Mitch Sakumoto

Outstanding Achievement: The Union Club of British Columbia Conservation and Restoration Project

Barrie Hewstan
Gary Mitchell
Shiv Garyali
Martin Segger
Douglas Franklin

Honour: City Square NeoGothic Entryway Restoration

Kate Robertson
Donald Luxton & Associates
Jonathan Ehling
Pedram Panahi
Shaun Van Den Kerkhof

Honour: James Residence

David Mooney
Donald Luxton & Associates Inc.
W.T. Leung Architects Inc.

Recognition: J.N. Thompson House Conservation Project

Shona Harrison
Rob Wasylyshen
Jason McMurray

Recognition: St. Mary's and St. Paul's Church Renovations

John Haugen

Heritage Education and Awareness

Outstanding Achievement: Heritage Vancouver's Shaping Vancouver 2016 Series

Javier Campos
Am Johal

Outstanding Achievement: Central Okanagan Heritage Society Education Project

Janice Henry

Honour: Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society

John Sprung

Honour: Kamloops Chinese Heritage Cemetery Pagoda Project

Joe Leong
Lyle Anderson
Joanna Maxwell
Elsie Cheung
George Cheung

Honour: Nikkei Stories

Gordon McLennan
Greg Masuda
Linda Kawamoto Reid

Honour: Sunshine Valley Tashme Museum & Website

Ryan Ellan
Howard Shimokura
Jean Kamimura
Kaz Takahashi
Shoji Nishihata
John Endo Greenaway
Sunshine Valley Developments
Sunshine Valley Community Coop
Holiday Trails RV Resorts

Recognition: Bring Back the Bricks

Annette O'Shea
Neil Wyles

Heritage Planning & Management

Outstanding Achievement: North Pacific Cannery Master Conservation Plan

Port Edward Historical Society
Donald Luxton & Associates

Outstanding Achievement: Woodlands - Interpretation of Heritage and Cultural Values

Julie Schueck
John Stark

Honour: City of Prince George Heritage Register

Hillary Morgan

Recognition: Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant Pilot Program

Chris Higgins
Marco D'Agostini
Peter Sundberg
Rebecca Bishop
Judith Mosley


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