Corporate Members

As a Corporate Member you can play an important role in supporting Heritage BC. Ask us about discounts and opportunities for advertising in the popular Heritage BC Quarterly, as well as sponsorship of events and programs. Your commitment is invaluable — thank you!

We will be building this Corporate Member Directory as an important resource connecting heritage businesses, suppliers, professionals and consultants on local, regional, provincial and federal levels. 

We encourage all our members to take avail themselves of professional services, products and expertise that our Corporate Members offer to the heritage conservation community.


Ankenman Marchand Architects
» www.amarchitects.com

Barry McGinn Architect
» www.mcginn-engineering.com

Bastion Group
» www.bastiondevelopment.com

Black & McDonald Ltd
» www.blackandmcdonald.com

Brian Childs & Company Construction Ltd

Brian G. Hart & Company

Bull Housser & Tupper LLP
» www.bht.com

Conex Projects Inc
» www.conexprojects.com

Craven | Huston | Powers Architects
» www.chparchitects.com

Denise Cook Design

Donald Luxton & Associates
» www.donaldluxton.com 

Edwards Consulting

Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery
» www.glenburnsoda.com

Golder Associates
» www.golder.ca

Heritage Restorations Inc
» www.heritagerestorations.ca

Iredale Group
» www.iredale.ca

Judy Oberlander & Associates Inc

» www.judyoberlander.ca

Kick Start Technologies Ltd.
» www.kickstart-tech.com

LDR Engineering Group
» www.ldrgroup.ca

Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing
» www.macdonaldandlawrence.ca

McLaren Trefanenko Inc. Chartered Professional Accountants
» www.mti-cpa.com

McLeod Masonry International Corp.
» www.mcleodmasonry.com

O'Keefe Ranch and Heritage Interior Society
» www.okeeferanch.ca

Pattison Architecture
» www.pattisonarchitecture.ca

Quoin Project and Cost Management Ltd
» www.quoinprojects.com

RATIO Architecture
» www.thinkratio.com

Ravenstone Masonry and Conservation Inc.
» www.ravenstoneinc.ca

RDH Building Science Inc.
» www.rdh.com

Read Jones Christofferson Ltd.
» www.rjc.ca

Robert Lemon Architect Inc
» www.robertlemon.ca

Sasen Renovations
» www.sasenrenovations.com

Vintage Woodworks
» www.vintagewoodworks.ca




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