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Heritage BC has created some important resources for children, teachers and parents...and everyone interested in the history and heritage conservation in British Columbia.

Heritage BC Stops: A Virtual History Tour

The green 'Stop of Interest' plaques you see along BC's highways and at historical landmarks have a special place in the hearts of many travellers. The concept is re-visited and refreshed, utilizing new ‘state of the art’ technologies to help make history more widely accessible, interesting and fun...and it’s not just for kids. We encourage everyone to visit our interactive website that is based on the ‘Stop of Interest’ program that was originally developed for the provincial centennial in 1958 to mark sites of historic significance. 

Send us your feedback, spread the word, and most importantly, take the opportunity to promote local community resources and links for preservation societies, publications, museums, tourism attractions and more. 

Teacher's Kit

Check out this section of the Heritage BC Stops website with 12 activities and lesson plans designed to introduce students to heritage concepts.
» Teacher's Kit

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Visitors are invited to grab a ticket to take one of nine regional tours and explore over 100 Stops.  At each Stop you will find the copy of the original sign plus interesting background information edited and updated by historian John Adams.  Hundreds of images from the BC Archives and other sources, as well as contemporary photos are presented in an interactive slideshow.


New technology and interactive tools from Google Maps help visitors navigate around the website – and the province.  Zoom in, scroll around, follow the links to Stops on the road maps, or click on the compass icon for a satellite view.  Records of the original sign locations are a bit vague;  however new GPS technology makes precise longitude and latitude coordinates possible – we invite everyone to log in and help find all the signs.


As an educational opportunity, Heritage BC Stops is informative, entertaining and visually stimulating.  Students can apply for a Heritage BC Passport to review their progress and, at each Stop, do a simple, skill-testing quiz.  A Resource Library has been initiated with a growing list of local and provincial sources and links, 12 lesson plans for teachers,  and ideas about how to use the Maps, Passports, and Games to enhance the learning experience.

Check out this resource section for parents and educators, including a Teachers KIt with 12 activities designed to introduce students to the concept of heritage.

» Heritage BC Stops Teacher's Kit


Web 2.0 is all about connecting people with common interests through user-generated content – with limitless potential to extend the content and relevance of this website over time.  Heritage BC Stops provides simple online tools and forms for anyone to add comments, upload images and create links.  You can contribute your knowledge of local history, add archive images, write a book review, tell a travel anecdote, or share a family photo. 


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