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This section is designed for teachers, parents, students...and history buffs! Download the 'Heritage for Kids' Teacher's Kit. Explore the Heritage BC Stops website and take a virtual history tour. Play some simple skill-testing games just for fun.

Heritage BC Stops of Interest

We invite you to visit a fun and challenging website that takes visitors on a virtual history tour of British Columbia. The site features over 100 iconic 'Stops of Interest' signs and nine regional tours. Discover the interesting people, events and landmarks that have shaped our provincial heritage. Historical background, archive photos, Google maps, simple games and more!

Click here to view an interactive google map of all the Stop of Interest locations in B.C.
» Map

The Heritage BC Passport is a great way to keep track of a student's progress as they explore this website. Students can apply for a passport onlin that can be printed and folded into a little booklet. Note: the name or alias entered to apply for a passport is secure and is deleted at the end of each online session.
» Heritage BC Passport

'Heritage for Kids' Teacher's Kit

Click here for 12 engaging activities designed to introduce students to the concept of heritage. Designed for educators, these lesson ideas are interrelated — adapt them for different grades, get ideas for a single project or a series of additional activities, or use them all together to form a unit on heritage and local history. Download PDFs here:
» Heritage BC Stops Teacher's Kit



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