Insurance Brokers

Note: the following list is the result of efforts by Heritage BC to locate providers of insurance for owners of heritage property in B.C. Inclusion on this list does not mean an endorsement of any kind. We would be glad to hear from other insurance providers who would like to be included.

'Insuring Your Heritage Home'

The Insurance Bureau of Canada publishes a useful pamphlet – you can find a pdf version on their website:
» Insuring Your Heritage Home

Archibald Clarke & Defieux Insurance Services Ltd. (Vancouver)

Contact: Brody Stonehouse
Phone: 604.985.0581

  • prepared to handle older & heritage homes, including those under renovation/construction
  • will deal with knob & tube wiring, galvanized plumbing, etc.
  • well versed in the special insurance requirements of older homes

Atkinson and Terry (Lower Mainland)

Contact: Clay Germain (Personal Lines Manager)
Phone: 604.596.1717

  • will insure heritage houses, but often have difficulty finding an underwriter
  • approach them on a case by case basis; they welcome inquiries

Cafferky Gilding (Lower Mainland)

  • will insure properties throughout BC
  • currently insures many Queen's Park houses in New Westminster thus has experience
  • prefers copy of existing policy and recent photo of houses before quoting for insurance
  • Greg Gilding (604) 526-8645

Canadian Heritage insurance Program

  • new business making a specialty of all types of heritage property
  • prepared to deal with knob and tube wiring
  • Danny Sgro (416) 420-7746

GNK Insurance Services (Victoria)

Contact: Mike Subin, CAIB
Phone- (250) 360-1168
Cell- (250) 516-0194

• Experience and competitive markets to insure heritage homes.

• I personally measure, inspect and photograph each home to make sure clients have exactly the coverage they need to protect there investments.



Johnston Meier Heritage Program

  • Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies Ltd
    Bev Schmuck / Jo-Anna Cannon
    Specialty Underwriters
    Lower Mainland: (604) 467-4184
    Toll Free: (888) 664-4544

London Drugs Insurance

  • will insure heritage designated properties
  • no knob and tube wiring
  • 1-800-681-6677

Megson Fitzpatrick Inc. (Victoria)

  • (250) 595-5212
  • Homeowner testimonials indicate this firm is very willing to work with heritage home owners

Thunderbird Insurance (Victoria)

  • will deal with homeowners anywhere in B.C.
  • David Potvin (250) 385-9795T



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