New Life Old Buildings

A new publication by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation answers the question, “what place does heritage have in the quest for a sustainable future?”  New Life Old Buildings is a very readable 24-page guide that shows heritage is already part of the solution to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Combining useful tips, pithy quotations and several case studies, New Life Old Buildings presents a number of compelling reasons why it just makes sense to reuse and recycle our existing buildings. 

Heritage conservation is about much more than preserving the architecture of the past.  It reduces urban sprawl and promotes livable neighbourhoods.  It retains the embodied energy in older buildings that is lost through demolition.  It keeps unnecessary waste out of our overflowing landfills, reduces greenhouse gases, supports the local economy and promotes social housing.  In other words, it contributes to the environmental, social and economic objectives that underlie the concept of sustainable development.

This smart and smart-looking new publication couldn’t be more timely as we approach a new period of government-backed building and infrastructure upgrading.  New Life Old Buildings reaches well beyond the heritage conservation inner circle and speaks to the larger world of everyday concerns:  the homeowner, the property manager, the civic official.  You can get copies from VHF – no charge in small quantities, or you can download a pdf.