Bilingual historic plaque, Memorial Garden, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria

This plaque honours the more than 150 years of francophone contribution to Victoria’s healthcare system. Installed in the Heritage Garden next to the Pemberton Memorial Chapel at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, the plaque commemorates the merging of the Hôpital français with the Provincial Royal Jubilee Hospital in 1890.
The bilingual panel reads: In February 1860, Sosthènes Driard and Jules Rueff, two French businessmen and philanthropists established in Victoria, met with some fellow countrymen and Dr. Nicolet and M. Clerjon (originally from Paris). Together, they founded the French Benevolent Mutual Society. Its mission was to provide affordable health care to the residents of the city. By becoming a member, one could be treated for free in the hospital that the Society opened a few months later. In October 1890, after 30 years of operation, the French Hospital amalgamated with the Provincial Royal Jubilee Hospital.