Centre Culturel francophone de l’Okanagan Kelowna

Formerly a 1949 Lutheran Church and now housing the Centre culturel francophone de l’Okanagan, this historic place both helps to tell the story of Francophone settlement in the Okanagan Valley and continues to contribute to the current day Francophone community. A set of six exterior murals highlight French-speaking settlers, priests and adventurers, who made up the majority of the local European-born population prior to 1859. The murals were unveiled in 2013 and feature Father Pandosy, Marie-Louise Lequime, Auguste Guillard, Bernard Avenue, Seasonal Agricultural Workers and Sugar Shack.
The Centre itself was purchased in 1984 and renovated to become a gathering place for approximately 6000 French speakers in the region. The building contains office and a meeting room space where numerous activities are organized on behalf of the French speakers and Francophiles. Its heritage value lies in these cultural and social ties to the community as a place for Francophone gatherings, celebrations, education, archive and employment opportunities.