Francophone village, Vancouver

Located in the area around West 16th Avenue and Heather Street in Vancouver, this neighbourhood was known in the 1950s as the French quarter. It has historic value for its association as the heart of Vancouver’s Francophone community. Through the 1980s, as many as 2,500 Francophones resided in the area. Along with the French language Saint-Sacrement catholic church which still stands today at 3040 Heather Street, the neighbourhood also featured the former Granger Grocery building, the former convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, a performance hall, cultural centre, credit union, newspaper office and the building from which various Francophone organizations operated. This changed when the new Maison de la Francophonie opened in the late 1980s near Granville Street and 7th Avenue. Many of the francophone associations moved to this new cultural hub and the original village area lost its Francophone focus.
A commemorative plaque detailing the history and significance of this neighbourhood was installed in front of the church in 2018.