French Hospital of the French Benevolent Society of Victoria, Victoria

Now a streetscape that features mixed commercial and residential buildings, Lots 1197, 1198 and part of 1199 on Humboldt Street were previously the location of the first French hospital, founded by the French Benevolent Society of Victoria in 1860 as a one storey, 29 bed facility.
This place is valued for its association with society founders Sosthemes Driard and Jules Rueff, whose goal was to create a place where Francophones of all origins could receive medical treatment in their own language. The hospital was a response to the arrival of many Francophones who came to British Columbia during the gold rush, and pre-dates facilities later established by the Sisters of St. Ann.
As well, this place is valued for its innovative system of providing health insurance for as little as $1 per month. In 1890, the hospital merged with the Royal Jubilee Hospital. A plaque, located at the top of the Jubilee Hospital Garden, commemorates the French contribution to Victoria.