Lequime Ranch, Kelowna

This historic place is located in the Black Mountain/Sntisk’il’nton Regional Park, Kelowna. Originally a 7000 acre property, the ranch was established in 1860 by Eli Lequime and his family, who had emigrated from Bordeaux, France. By the late 1870s it was the largest cattle ranch in the Okanagan valley. The site is valued for its association with the Lequime family, which also held Lequime’s store, post office and hotel in the early Francophone community of l’Anse au Sable.
Today, what remains of the property is the last remnant of the original ranch, a 640 acre stretch of rangeland within the new Black Mountain Regional Park, above Okanagan Lake and the present city of Kelowna. This cultural landscape is also considered the only surviving remnant of l’Anse au Sable.