Letourneur Park, White Rock

This property is bordered by Fir Street, Centre Street, Buena Vista Avenue and Pacific Avenue in White Rock. Within its boundaries are City Hall, RCMP Headquarters, Cenotaph and other out buildings.
The park is valued for its association with the pioneer family that farmed on the property, and who donated the land to the city. Charles Letourneur emigrated from France to Canada in 1909, moving to the farm property in1921. Operating out of their garden business, Letourneur and his wife Victoria sold vegetables door to door for 20 years, and became an important source of fresh produce for White Rock residents. In 1930, they were joined by Paul Accarias, an Algerian immigrant who shared their love of gardening and was a fellow Francophone.
Interpretive panels highlighting the story of the farm and the Letourneur family were installed on site in 2018.