Mount La Pérouse, Haida Gwaii

This place is located 3.5 km east of Gudal Bay, Haida Gwaii. This place is valued for its association with French explorer Jean-François de Galaup, Comte de Lapérouse, after which many geographical features on Haida Gwaii are named.
In 1786, La Pérouse led a scientific expedition around the world aboard his ships The Astrolabe and The Boussole. As part of this mission, he sought to establish a network of barter otter furs with local Indigenous people.
La Pérouse sailed south, sighting Haida Gwaii, and naming Sartine Island, now an ecological reserve located WNW of Cape Scott, after French Minister of the Navy Gabriel de Sartine, Count of Albi (1729–1801). Unable to enter Nootka Sound on August 25, La Pérouse never went ashore in British Columbia but his voyage was significant for spurring the English and Spanish to attempt an agreement for exploration and commercial control. In 1798 La Pérouse published the first French book to describe these coastal waters and landforms which are now part of British Columbia.