Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Maillardville

This landmark church occupies the central location in the Maillardville settlement. One storey in height and set on a full basement, this cross-gabled church has a tall square front spire that is highly visible throughout the area. The church is part of an historic religious grouping in Laval Square that also includes Saint Anne’s Hall and Notre Dame De Lourdes Rectory.
Notre-Dame De Lourdes reflects the strength and continuity of the French-Canadian community that immigrated and settled in the area starting in 1909 to work at Fraser Mills. In French-Canadian culture, the traditional social core of the community is the church. Laval Square, which includes the church, the adjacent Rectory and Saint Anne’s Hall, is valued as the symbolic heart of the Maillardville community, one of the only distinct French-Canadian settlements west of Manitoba.
Additionally, Notre-Dame De Lourdes is valued as a good example of a traditional church that displays Period Revival styling typical of the 1930s.