St. Joseph’s Friary, Franciscans of Canada, Victoria

Located at 1076 Joan Crescent, Victoria, this property was once owned by George Terrien and his wife Yvonne Fortin-Terrien. Today it is known as St. Joseph’s Friary, and is home to members of the Franciscans of Canada.

In addition to its present-day connection to the Quebec-based Franciscans, this place is also valued for its association with Mrs. Fortin-Terrien, who undertook to organize the Francophone community beginning in the 1940s. Through these years the house was nicknamed “Au Vieux Québec”, and was the center of scientific and cultural meetings for Francophones in Victoria. In particular, Fortin-Terrien’s efforts resulted in the creation of several Francophone organizations including the French Canadian Club Victoria in 1941, a French library and the French parish Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

A plaque placed at the entrance of the house by the Francophone Historical Association of Victoria acknowledges Mrs. Fortin-Terrien’s dedication to the community.