Tellier Tower, Vancouver

Originally called the Holden Building after realtor and developer William Holden, the Tellier Tower is a ten-storey masonry Chicago-style office building located on East Hastings Street within the historic district of Gastown in Vancouver. It was completed in 1911 and in 1988 was refurbished as a cooperative residence for local seniors. After rehabilitation, the building was renamed the Tellier Tower in honour of Gérald Tellier. It is currently used for non-market housing.

This place holds value for the Francophone community because of its association with union activist Gérald Tellier, who during the Depression years helped to coordinate a march on Ottawa for thousands of out-of-work men across the country. Tellier and his brother had taken the pseudonyms Gerry Winters and Luc Summers to protect their families. During a stopover in Regina, demonstrators were attacked by local and federal police forces; the resulting Regina Riot ended with the death of a police officer and hundreds of injured demonstrators. Tellier was the speaker at the microphone at the moment of the attack.