Webinars Fall 2017

Heritage BC Webinars
Fall, 2017

Heritage Property Management Plan: A Process
Friday, October 13, 12:00pm PST
Presented by Heritage BC

From heritage conservation to present-day use, managing heritage properties offers a range of challenges. In this webinar, we will describe a template and process to elevate your management planning that includes vision and goal setting, conservation and management planning, and public engagement and community integration.

Who should attend? Anyone who has the responsibility of managing a heritage property and wants to find the balance of conservation and activation.

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Intersections: Archeology and Heritage
Friday, October 27, 12:00pm PST
Facilitator: Richard Linzey, Heritage Branch
Panel: to be announced

Following the ‘hit’ of our 2017 conference, we are pleased to bring back Richard Linzey, Director of Integrated Resource Operations for the Heritage Branch, plus a new panel to continue this compelling conservation. Once again, we will challenge old assumptions and attitudes, exploring the separation of these sectors, as the panel considers the potential of new approaches and the power of new alliances.

Who should attend? Anyone who has an interest in exploring new paths between archeology and heritage; anyone who is interested in the future directions of our sector and work.

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Heritage Revitalization Agreements: Interpretation and Implementation
Friday, November 24, 12:00pm PST
Facilitator: to be announced
Panel: to be announced

The Local Government Act provides a powerful tool for municipalities and regional districts: the ability to officially recognize local heritage. But the Act provides the framework, not the application. That is left to the discretion and interpretation of each local government. In this online roundtable, our panel explores the development and function of local HRAs.

Who should attend? Local and regional governments that have – or are thinking about – HRAs, as well as Heritage Commissions and advisory groups.

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Heritage Real Estate: an introduction
Friday, December 1, 12:00pm PST
Presented by Heritage BC

The misunderstandings are countless when it comes to buying and selling heritage properties. This introductory webinar will dispel many of the myths and set the record straight. We will touch on a wide range of topics, including consumer protection and land titles, liabilities and risks, and inspections and insurance. It’s time to eliminate the fear of buying and selling heritage properties.

Who should attend? Heritage workers who want to develop a clearer understanding of misunderstood process to better serve members and the public.

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Each webinar is $25 for members ($50 for non-members). Please use the individual links to register for each webinar.