Columbia Basin Trust Built Heritage Planning Grants


These one-time grants will support local governments, non-profits, First Nations governments, and school boards in planning activities related to the heritage conservation and awareness of built heritage assets in BC.

What Work is Eligible?

The commissioning, researching and generating of planning documents related to heritage conservation and awareness including, but not limited to: conservation assessments or plans; structural evaluations, assessments or surveys; Statements of Significance; heritage assessments; interpretation plans or strategies; accessibility audits, plans or strategies; maintenance plans.

What Work IS NOT Eligible?

The following work is not eligible: conservation work such as the repair of features; creation of interpretation materials such as signs or pamphlets; grant writing; or anything else which program staff deems ineligible. Projects already in progress and past expenses are not eligible.

Funding & Eligible Costs

Applicants are required to submit a balanced budget and at least ONE quote for the work. Quotes should list actual prices solicited from an independent contractor, be written on company letterhead or contain some other means of identifying the business name, address and contact info, and should be valid and recent, dated no more than six months before the application.

The budget should use the preferred quote, and list all expenses and revenues specifically related to the planning project. Under expenses, eligible costs should be clearly itemized. Under revenue, it should be clearly indicated which funding is secured and which is requested. Clearly show the applicant’s contributions. In-kind contributions are allowed.

Application Process

Please download the Pre-Application Worksheet, which lists all of the application questions and any supporting documentation that may be required. The online application form is password protected. Applicants will be given the password after eligibility is confirmed by speaking to the Heritage Program Manager, Laura Saretsky, by email at [email protected] or phone at 778-995-7243, by 5:00pm PST on October 2nd, 2017. Applications are due by 5:00pm PST on October 6th, 2017.


Contact Laura Saretsky, Heritage Program Manager at: [email protected] or 778-995-7243.