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Staff Directory


PO Box 846
Ladysmith, BC
V9G 1A6


Kirstin Clausen

Executive Director

[email protected]
604-417-7243 ext. 101

Imogen Goldie

Heritage Grants Administrator & Heritage Planner

Contact for: enquiries related to heritage conservation projects, heritage management plans, and funding opportunities.

[email protected]
604-417-7243 ext. 102

Nathalie Lim Picard

Heritage Program Coordinator

Contact for: the Annual Heritage Conference, BC Heritage Awards, Heritage Week, workshops, and online resources, including webinars.

[email protected]
604-417-7243 ext. 103

Jennyce Hoffman

Communications, Membership & Development Coordinator

Contact for: social media, newsletters, membership enquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and donations.

[email protected]
604-417-7243 ext. 104