HERITAGE: Imagining Futures May 4-6 in Victoria

In a fast-paced and quickly changing world, it is easy to think we are living on the edge of the future. But what of the past? How will heritage fit into the future?

It is questions like these that inspire our 2017 conference: HERITAGE: Imagining Futures.

We open the two-day conference by offering the statement, “The future of heritage is…”. Our keynote speakers, Lorna Williams and Jack Lohman, with their vast experiences and diverse perspectives, will undoubtedly challenge assumptions and spark imaginations. Throughout the conference, we will explore the intersections of sectors, introduce new people to conversations, consider new trends, and explore new relationships and partnerships.

If we think we are living on the edge of the future, then this is the time for action and opportunity.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CONFERENCE. 

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