Heritage Tourism Resources

A number of resources and training opportunities are available to communities to increase their skill and capacity to develop heritage tourism strategies.

Heritage BC Stops

Take a fun and educational virtual history tour! Discover the landmarks commemorated by Stop of Interest signs throughout British Columbia. Explore interactive maps with 9 regional tours. Learn about important events and colourful characters, view archive photographs – and you can even contribute  News, Stories and Pictures related to these heritage sites.


Time Travel BC

The Time Travel BC web site, launched by the Heritage Tourism Alliance of BC, allows visitors to search for heritage experiences by region or by travel categories such as heritage-themed accommodation or shopping. Heritage sites range from well-established destinations like Barkerville to a century-old hotel or pub.



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Tourism BC Business Essentials : Publications & Workshops

A series of publications provide tourism operators with valuable information on key aspects of running a successful tourism business. Developed in partnership with the tourism industry, the informative how-to guides are easy to read, easy tounderstand, and are must-haves for any business competing in today's dynamic tourism market.

There are currently six workshops being offered: Tourism Packaging and Product Distribution (Introductory and Advanced), Travel Media Relations, Ads and Brochures That Sell, Sport Tourism and Trouble Finding and Keeping Staff?. These workshops are each 3 hours in length and are led by industry professionals.These four workshops are each 3 hours and are led by industry professionals.

Share Your Heritage: Cultural Heritage Tourism Success Stories

This U.S. National Trust publication can be obtained at a cost of $25.